Regis, also known under the monicker Saint, was the prince of Marseilles during the Dark Ages.


During his life, Regis was a monk of the Abbey of Saint Victor who was embraced during a travel with his abbot. He fled from his sire and tried to find redemption through penitence and pilgrimage. He went to Rome and Jerusalem and accompained traveling crusaders, but was not able to find solace.

When he returned to Marseilles, he found his old monastery under the corrupting influence of the local prince and decided to take action against this. He allied himself with the Order of the Bitter Ashes and together they defeated the ruling prince. During this period, he earned the nickname "Saint" from his peers, because of his devotion to redemption.

Despite being a practitional prince, whose power mainly relied on his connections to the Order of the Bitter Ashes, Regis was under constant pressure from the local Sybaritic Ravnos and Furores, who disdained his mandate to feed only from laymen and his pious attitudes.


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