Saining is a ritual by which a Changeling discovers his or her True Name.

Overview Edit

After one of the Kithain finishes his or her time of Fosterage, they undergo a ritual called Saining whereby they become fully initiated into Kithain society. For the ritual, seers practiced in a special and highly banned Art of limited availability known as Naming, part the Mists to discover the True Name of the fae. This secret name, known only to the named one and the rite master, defines each Changeling's relationship to the Dreaming and embodies his or her essence. Obviously, after the ritual, the new member of Kithain society knows they must keep their True Name a secret told only within his or her household or Motley. Some, knowing the power of True Names, refuse to share theirs with anyone.

After the Saining a changeling swears an Oath of Fealty to the Lord or Lady of the Freehold or to the motley that discovered them. Depending on their skills and willingness, the new member of society may then take on service to the ruler in his or her Household. Whatever they decide, their time of learning is done and they are considered full members of Fae society.

Sidhe Variation Edit

The Sidhe vary the Saining, making it a secret ritual attended only by members of of the noble house that has sponsored the fledge. On top of this ceremony the Sidhe undergoes the Fior-Righ, an ordeal which tests their physical, mental, and social abilities. The results of the ordeal determine his or her rank and to which noble house they belong.

Because the Sidhe will occasionally plant one of theirs into a mortal family and wait for their Chrysalis, the information gathered from the Saining is often already known.

References Edit

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