A Sachamama enjoys spending its days slithering through the undergrowth, ready to chase down any creature it perceives as a potential meal.


Many tribes tell tales of giant snakes so large they change the very earth as they move across it. Some stick to the rivers, lurking beneath the muddy waters in wait for unsuspecting prey to wander past. Others prefer the trees, hanging in lazy loops indistinguishable from vines until the trap snaps shut. Massive and fast moving, the only way to outrun one is to never wander across its path. Thankfully, they only need to eat a few times a year. In between meals, they can be found sunning themselves in the deep jungle, draped across the highest branches. They like mortal occupations that allow them to spend long, slow times in the wild, like nature photographers, expedition guides, and so on. Despite their languid, carefree attitudes, little passes beneath them unnoticed.

In the cities, sachamama are stoop sitters without peer, and seemingly know the business of whole neighborhoods without moving off their steps. Rumor has it they can hear even through the concrete and brick and steel of their neighborhoods. If they can, they never admit to it; they just keep smiling those same lazy, amused grins. Never ones to shy away from gossip and politics, they love a good scandal and can always be counted upon to ferret out someone’s secrets. If a sachamama doesn’t know about it, it doesn’t exist. That said, they’re not above making up stories to entertain themselves or drag down an unsuspecting target, so their audience members are wise to beware and take all their stories with a grain of salt. They can’t abide being made fools of, and will rage if they find out that someone has deliberately lied to them. Pointing out the problem with this logic isn’t likely to win them over, either.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Despite their serpent heritage, sachamama tend towards stocky builds and often look as though they can crush the life from someone, even in mortal form. Their eyes are light in color, amber verging on yellow, with a vertical pupil betraying their serpentine nature. Although they remain bipedal most of the time out of convenience, a sachamama may fuse their legs into a long serpentine tail, though they can still balance upright on it. Small patches of scales erupt along the jawline and down their arms and legs; but they blend in well with the surrounding skin and can be difficult to spot unless someone is deliberately looking for them. Their laughter carries across great distances and is unmistakable over the chaotic noise of the jungle and the city. But their mouth carries more than just laughter: seated behind the first row of teeth is a second row of long, needle-like teeth.

Sachamama often enjoy Revelry in the form of people watching, picking a great spot and soaking up details about everyone who walks past, particularly if they can gossip with someone while they do it. Hunting in serpent form is quite satisfying as well, but it must be a real hunt – feeding on captive rats isn’t good enough! When a sachamama taps into primal Glamour for Unleashing, a sibilant hissing fills the air, and the world seems to shimmer … or slither with the movement of some tremendous serpent. Hot blood runs cold, while the scent and taste of freshly killed meat becomes nearly overpowering.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Snake Skinned: So long as they are touching their shed skin, which typically appears to be a large snakeskin jacket or the equivalent, sachamama can spend 1 Glamour to assume the form of a large snake. Constrictors are most common, though any large snake species is possible. While in this form, they retain their power of speech, albeit more sibilant than normal, and can use any skills or powers they can manage in serpent form. The shed skin cannot be lost and is extremely durable – while it does not serve as armor exactly, it cannot be permanently damaged with anything other than cold iron. Any other wear and tear mends itself over the course of a day or so. If the skin is destroyed with cold iron, a sachamama must make another by killing and consuming a large animal, then shedding their skin afterward.

Once per story, the sachamama may assume the form of a huge, fearsome snake, reaching lengths of up to fifty feet and possessed of tremendous supernatural strength. This form lasts for one scene, during which time they gain four additional dots of Strength and Stamina, and their jaws can distend to swallow an adult human whole. However, they cannot use any other powers during this time, and can communicate only in short phrases.

  • Keen Observers: Even though it often seems like they’re not paying attention at all, sachamama are keenly aware of what’s going on around them, and have fearsome recall for detail. They receive the Eidetic Memory Merit for free, and cannot botch Alertness or Kenning rolls. In addition, sachamama cannot be surprised unless their attackers are supernaturally concealed.


  • Gorging: Sachamama often eat at almost twice what someone their size typically eats in a day, and at least once per year they must devour roughly five hundred pounds of meat in just a day or two. Most retreat to the jungle for this time, hunting in serpent form, though some simply make impressive trips to nearby supermarkets and butcher shops… and a few unsavory members of this kith use it as an excuse to make sure local rivals and troublemakers go missing. Even ordinary meals leave this kith sluggish, however. Sachamama suffer +1 to the difficulty of all rolls for an hour after eating, and must succeed at a Willpower roll (difficulty 5) to pass up an easy chance to eat. Note that light snacking does not incur this penalty, and thus most sachamama do it constantly, but this kith cannot skirt this Frailty by just grazing – the lure of a “real” meal is simply too strong for them and they must have at least a couple full meals daily.


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