Sabbat War was the first expansion set for the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle trading card game to be released by White Wolf after the game was initially discontinued by Wizards of the Coast. Most of the cards in the set are reprinted, mainly from the previous expansion set, Sabbat. The cards in this set, like those in the one before it, naturally focus on the vampires of the Sabbat. Many of the new cards introduced here draw inspiration from the Clan Novel Saga and other Revised-era Vampire: The Masquerade sources.

In addition to the standard booster packs, Sabbat War was the first VTES set to feature preconstructed starter decks. The four prebuilt decks featured the Brujah antitribu, Lasombra, Tzimisce, and Ventrue antitribu, respectively.

New cardsEdit

The following cards were introduced in the Sabbat War expansion set:


A number of cards in the Sabbat War set were reprinted from sets other than the Sabbat expansion set. Some of the earlier cards that had been originally included as reprints in the Sabbat set (like the core Discipline cards) were reprinted again in Sabbat War booster packs; the rest of the earlier cards reprinted in Sabbat War were only included in the preconstructed starter decks.

The following cards were reprinted from the Jyhad/VTES sets, despite having not been previously reprinted in the Sabbat set:

  • A: Ancient Influence • Army of Rats • Autarkis Persecution
  • B: Bum's Rush
  • C: Conditioning • Conservative Agitation
  • D: Dead-End Alley • Deflection • Distraction • Dodge • Drawing Out the Beast
  • E: Effective Management • Elder Library • Enchant Kindred
  • F: Fame • Far Mastery • Flak Jacket
  • G: Govern the Unaligned
  • H: Haven Uncovered • Hawg • Hidden Lurker
  • J: J. S. Simmons, Esq.
  • L: Legal Manipulations • Life Boon • Lucky Blow
  • M: Mighty Grapple • Minion Tap • Misdirection • Mr. Winthrop
  • O: Open Grate
  • P: Pulled Fangs
  • R: Rapid Healing • Rat's Warning
  • S: Saturday-Night Special • Sawed-Off Shotgun • Seduction • Sideslip
  • T: Tasha Morgan • Taste of Vitae • Telepathic Vote Counting • Torn Signpost
  • U: Unflinching Persistence
  • W: Wake With Evening's Freshness • Wooden Stake
  • Z: Zip Gun

Several cards in Sabbat War were reprinted from the other Wizards of the Coast-produced expansion sets:


Unless otherwise noted, all cards in the Sabbat expansion were also reprinted in Sabbat War. The following cards from the Sabbat expansion were not reprinted in Sabbat War:

Preconstructed decksEdit

Unless otherwise noted, each deck comes with one copy of each listed card. Each deck contains 89 cards: 12 crypt cards and 77 library cards.

Brujah antitribu deck
  • Crypt: AmeliaBronwenDoddFrederick the WeakHugoJacob BraggRichter, The Templar of Du Mont • Rigby, Crusade Vanguard • SalingerSarah BrandoSelaVictor Tolliver
  • Library: .44 Magnum • Acrobatics • Ambush (x5) • Amusement Park Hunting Ground • Autarkis Persecution • The BarrensBlood Brother Ambush • Blood Doll • Blur (x3) • Bum's Rush (x2) • Burning Wrath • Celerity • Decapitate • Direct Intervention • Distraction • Dread Gaze (x2) • Enchant Kindred (x3) • Excommunication • Fame • Fast Hands • Flash (x2) • Forced Awakening (x2) • Gas-Powered Chainsaw • Haven Uncovered (x2) • Hawg • Immortal Grapple • Laptop Computer • Leather Jacket • Legal Manipulations (x2) • Manstopper Rounds • Meat Cleaver • Mistaken Identity • Mob Connections • Mr. Winthrop • Pier 13, Port of BaltimorePotence • Pulled Fangs • Pursuit (x2) • Pushing the Limit (x2) • Rave • Sawed-Off Shotgun • Sideslip • Social Charm • Storage Annex • Survivalist • Sword of Judgment • Taste of VitaeTemplar • Thrown Sewer Lid • Torn Signpost • Trap (x2) • Tribute to the Master • Undead Strength (x4) • Wake with Evening's Freshness (x2) • Wooden Stake
Lasombra deck
Tzimisce deck
  • Crypt: AntonCorine MarcónDevin BisleyDragosHoratioLambachLolita HoustonMeshenkaSascha Vykos, The Angel of CaineStravinskyTerrenceViolet Tremain
  • Library: Ancient Influence • Animalism • Army of Rats • Arson • AuspexBlood DollBlood Feast • Blood of Acid • Body Arsenal (x2) • Bonecraft • Brass Knuckles • Breath of the Dragon • Canine Horde • Cardinal Sin: Failure of Mission • Carrion Crows (x2) • Cats' Guidance (x3) • Chiropteran Marauder (x3) • Computer Hacking • Changeling (x2) • Crusade: Pittsburgh • Dead-End Alley • Detection • Drawing Out the BeastElder Library • Enhanced Senses (x2) • Fake Out • Femur of Toomler • Flamethrower • Fleshcraft • Forced Awakening (x5) • Guards Dogs (x2) • Horrid Form • Information Highway • Inner Essence • Kraken's Kiss • Laptop Computer • Leather Jacket • Library Hunting Ground • Lucky Blow • Meld with the Land (x2) • Minion Tap • Peace Treaty • Pentex(TM) Loves You! • Plasmic Form (x2) • Powerbase: Mexico City • Precognition (x2) • Primal Instincts • Pulse of the Canaille • Rat's Warning • Reform Body • Revelations • Revenant • Scrying of Secrets • Song of Serenity (x2) • The Spirit's Touch (x2) • Surprise Influence • Unnatural Disaster • Vicissitude • Wolf Companion
Ventrue antitribu deck


Doug Alexander, Ash Arnett, Brian Ashmore,Michael Astrachan, Scott M. Bakal, Paul Ballard, Edward Beard, Jr., Stuart Beel, Jason Alexander Behnke, Melissa Benson, Rick Berry, Jeremy C. Bills, Tom Biondillo, John Bolton, Tim Bradstreet, John Bridges, Jason Brubaker, Peter Burges, Avery Butterworth, Lee Carter, Steve Casper, Matt Cavotta, Gary Chatterton, Anna Christenson, Mike Danza, Eric Deschamps, Jim Dibartolo, Michael Dixon, Mike Dringenberg, Darryl Elliott, Sandra Everingham, Max Shade Fellwalker, Scott Fischer, Kaja Foglio, David Fooden, Dan Frazier, Randy Gallegos, Daniel Gelon, Tom Gianni, Grant Goleash, Sue Ann Harkey, Fred Harper, James Allen Higgins, Brian Horton, Leif Jones, Peter Kim, Hannibal King, Jeff Klimek, Patrick Kochakji, Eric LaCombe, Patrick Lambert, Clint Langley, Gary Leach, Brian LeBlanc, Nicola Leonard, Eric Lofgren, Greg Loudon, Larry MacDougall, Corey Macourek, Anson Maddocks, Craig Maher, Thea Maia, Britt Martin, John Matson, Kevin McCann, John McCrea, Heather J. McKinney, Chris McLoughlin, Harold Arthur McNeill, Oliver Meinerding, Jeff Menges, Ken Meyer, Jr., Jeff Miracola, Peter Morbacher, Ted Naifeh, Rick O'Brien, William O'Connor, Margaret Organ-Kean, Mark Poole, Steve Prescott, Mike Raabe, Alan Rabinowitz, Roger Raupp, Jeff Rebner, Dave Roach, Christopher Rush, Zina Saunders, Stuart Sayger, John Scotello, Dave Seeley, Douglas Shuler, Christopher Shy, Greg Simanson, Will Simpson, Joe Slucher, Dan Smith, Lawrence Snelly, Brian Snoddy, Ron Spencer, Bob Stevlic, Phillip Tan, Mark Tedin, Né Né Thomas, Richard Thomas, Drew Tucker, Melissa Uran, Susan Van Camp, John Van Fleet, Pete Venters, Diana Vick, Bryon Wackwitz, Karl Waller, Tom Wänerstrand, Michael Weaver, Amy Weber, L. A. Williams, Matt Wilson, Joe Ziolkowski

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