Rufus McLaren (Hands-of-Many-Colors) is a Bone Gnawer Homid Theurge in San Francisco.

Overview Edit

Rufus McLaren

Rufus is a street artist of rare talent but thin wallet. Walked through his First Change in an alley by a sympathetic band of Bone Gnawers, he later turned the experience into a series of chalk drawings on the concrete of United Nations Plaza. Curious spectators watched his performance and filled his cup with coins, and Rufus figured out that he was onto a good thing. Now he does chalk drawings as often as he can, usually in areas with high tourist flow. On a good day, he can crank out a half-dozen pieces on the pavement of the city's various parks, always staying one step ahead of the police. His work has won some admiration from critics, and the San Francisco Herald-Examiner has run several pieces on him.

Most of Rufus' pieces have had explicit Garou themes, which most observers mistake for some sort of Native American style. Rufus knows several nunnehi, and would never show that kind of disrespect for them by aping their artistic traditions. Rather, he works in his own style, creating timeless images that a thin drizzle can wash away in an instant.

Rufus is a regular at the Toybox Coffee Shop (Fizzlewig gives him free coffee in exchange for doing a mural in from of the shop once per month) and knows most of the Kithain who frequent the place. To them, he is affectionately known as "Roof," and several times he has worked their fae miens into his art as well.

Image Edit

In homid form, Rufus is a tall, freckled, slightly gangly youth with black-rimmed glasses and a permanent slouch. He has close-cropped, shockingly red hair. Most of the time he wears jeans and sweatshirts, even when the temperature rises into the 90s.

You can count the ribs on his lupus form, though, and even his muzzle seems a little too thin to be seemly. His fur is short and grey, and it doesn't hide in the slightest the fact that he hasn't been eating well for a while now. His paws are disproportionately large and both of his front feet have six toes on them.

He carries a Harmony Flute fetish.

Personal Edit

Rufus says "Errrm" and "Excuse me" a lot. He's got absolutely no self-confidence, and it shows. Anyone can argue him out of a position, at least until he gets absolutely furious. When he gets mad, it's a different story, but it takes so much to get him to that point that he hardly ever snaps. Anything he finds he'll automatically tell others about, simply to get someone else's opinion that what he's done is praiseworthy. If someone compliments him, they must be he friend and want to spend time with him. If they tell him to buzz off, it must be his fault.

References Edit

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