Rufus is an ancient Gangrel of Basque extraction and the undead ruler of Andorra.


A potent domain holder and methuselah, Rufus has dwelt in Andorra as the only vampire for thousands of years. He claims no sect allegiance, instead preferring to be on his own, entertaining ties with various Anarch cultures and Camarilla offices alike to secure his independence.

Watching the Sabbat's depredations in Spain from atop his mountain peaks for centuries, he has recently begun stockpiling weapons and Embracing broods in secure havens. This may be in reaction to the coming of the Time of Thin Blood and the growing Sabbat activity within Spain.

Sources of somewhat dubious repute say that Rufus has shattered the Masquerade by openly approaching Andorra's government (such as it is). Archons have been dispatched to investigate the matter.


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