A new player on the Kindred scene, Rudi commands an impressive following as an Anarch representative for the oppressed and repressed minorities in vampire society. Though his concerns extend to kine as well, his recent entry into Kindred existence has shown him that the fights mortals must undertake for equality are just as pressing for immortals. Rudi’s nightly life hasn’t changed much since the Embrace. He still makes his haven in Copenhagen, still hangs with the same friends, and still attends the same clubs. He has only expanded his concerns; in addition to advocating for fellow mortal minorities, he now champions Gangrel kept out of havens and feeding grounds by sprawl, stands up for female Kindred in cities run by traditionally misogynistic elders, and encourages the adoption of progressive norms over tradition wherever possible. Some might think Rudi’s combination of practicing Islam and unabashed queerness contradictory, but few challenge the “Bear Gangrel” with this notion. Fast becoming the animale du jour, Rudi wins fellow discontented Kindred over with his targeted approach against elitists and Camarilla hardliners. Some European Princes fear he will lead a crusade in years to come, in an attempt to level the establishment.


VTM: Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition

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