A fallen Euthanatos (barrabi or Nephandi), Ru Mang resides on a small island where he operates a temple and a school. He is secretly conducting experiments in reanimation of corpses. Successful zombies become his personal attendants and couriers. He wishes to usher in the Sixth Age as he knows the terror and bloodshed will help provide him with souls to offer to his Mistress.


Ru Mang was always fascinated by death. His father worked as a caretaker for the Chinese cemetery in Chai Wan and Ru Mang would often assist. Funerals and participating in the holidays that commemorated the dead were the most joyous times for the young boy.

Ru Mang's fascination drew the attention of a visiting Euthanatos and the mage detected the boy's latent Avatar after striking up a conversation with him. The mage extended his stay in Hong Kong and oversaw Ru Mang's Agama Te (death journey, or near-death experience) which led to his Awakening.

But Joss intervened soon after. Ru Mang's training had just begun when his tacher was killed under mysterious circumstances. When he received the news, Ru Mang held a private ceremony to honor his master. He placed himself in a trance and attempted to summon the spirit of his teacher.

To his jubilation, something answered his call. The voice said it was the spirit of his mentor and Ru Mang joyfully accepted the offer to continue his training by the spirit from beyond the grace. It was thus that Ru Mang, unknowingly joined the ranks of the Nephandi .

Ru Mang has fully accepted and understands the nature of the Mistress he serves, now nearly 50 years later, and he has accepted his fate with simple resignation. His interests have led him to be an active participant in his demon-mistress' grand design. On his small island where he has set up a school, the accompanying temple is one to his Yama Queen but disguised as a shrine to one of the many Chinese gods of death.

Ru Mang's experiments have attracted the attention of numerous supernatural entities and organizations but no one, so far, has been willing to divert energies to stopping his intrusion into their territories. The Dark Kingdom of Jade is very wary of him and consider him a dangerous foe but one to be avoided and not to be confronted.


Ru Mang has transformed himself into the image of a walking corpse by altering his skin to a deathlike pallor and crafting his flesh so that his bones show through in strategic places. He dresses in elaborate robes marked with symbols honoring his master. When he appears in public or conducts classes for his acolytes he dons a formal mark to conceal his true face.

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