The Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers is a secret Gehenna cult within the ranks of the elders of the Camarilla, which seeks to arm its members against the threatening onslaught of the Third Generation. A splinter group of them are the Imperial Order of Master Edenic Groundskeepers.

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The leaders of the Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers have recast the Antediluvians as subterranean vermin and themselves as vigilant gardeners. Elders are prone to despair in even the best of circumstances: by revising the terms of the conflict, they attempt to keep their last vestiges of hope from dying.

They seek out knowledge about the resting places and supposed weaknesses of their forefathers, attempt to interpret the signs of Gehenna correctly (the Week of Nightmares terrified most of them to their core), and seek out more information about how they could survive it. They consult not only Noddism, but also various nature spirits and wraiths, the arcane superstitions of the Lupines, and even mortal lore like that of Gypsies and other secluded societies. Areas that have been deemed threatening are under constant patrol from ghouls and blood-bonded vampires, together with various traps and ways to immobilize the progenitors when they are still confused from torpor.

Most elders are aware, however, that all these preparations will be futile in the end and their only purpose is to delay the ancients long enough so that the Groundskeepers can hide. The Groundskeepers are pathologically afraid of meeting the Antediluvians in the elders' own havens, even though the elders would have a territorial advantage there. Instead, they prefer to take the battle to their progenitors.

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