Rothriel was a Warrior Salubri, a descendant of Samiel whose sacrifice laid the foundation of the Council of Twelve.


In his mortal days, the man who would become Rothriel lived in the Bronze Age Harappan city of Dholavira on the Indian subcontinent. His inquisitive soul, as well as his progress with the sword, brought him to the attention of a traveling Salubri warrior named Ezrael, who took him as a bodyguard and later as an apprentice.

When Ezrael offered the young man the Embrace and the Blooding, he emerged under the name Rothriel. He fought valiantly against the followers of Moloch and the swarms of Chorazin, often acting as a bodyguard for the Healers of his Clan. It is said that he was privileged enough to have once sat and learned at the feet of Saulot himself.

During his travels, he met a younger childe of his own sire named Mahtiel, with whom he shared a bond that became legendary among his peers. Though their love and dedication to one another was boundless, when the Salubri Antediluvian was diablerized by Tremere, Rothriel was among the few who disavowed violence, believing that preserving the legacy of their forefather would be more important than avenging him. Rothriel chose to seek the Golconda, frustrating Mathtiel and creating a disagreement that eventually made her leave their haven for a month. When she returned, Rothriel was gone.

During his travels he befriended Danika Ruthven, a Tzimisce koldun that begged him to learn about Golconda. After years of friendship Danika invited the Salubri to visit her homeland, a place called Hunedoara Castle. He accepted and arriving at her lands they discovered that the ancient castle had been taken by the Tremere. Rothriel was moved by the pleas of his friend, and having no love for the wizards, he joined the fight to retake Hunedoara from the well encroached Tremere, who were protected by by mortal and supernatural servants.

In the epic battle that ensued, Rothriel sacrificed himself to match the assaults of the Tremere Regent and his minions. By opening his Third Eye for a last time, the Salubri sent his power radiating out from his body in waves of burning, fiery agony. The Gargoyles turned against their own master and tore him apart. Neither the gargoyles nor the Tremere survived the fight but Rothriel also perished.

His former lover, Mahtiel, arrived too late at the site and was struck terribly by the grief over his final death.


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