The Rosselini, also referred to as the Piccollo Fratellini ("Little Brothers") by the main Clan, are a branch of the Giovanni family that originated in Italy. They share many traits of the main family, being another family that practiced Necromancy since the Roman Empire.


Like the Giovanni, the Rosselini had strong ties to Venice, where both families practiced necromancy. By other mages of the Middle Ages, the Rosselini were regarded as the more talented necromancers. In addition to the ways of necromancy, many Rosselini were Sorcerers. Even then, the Rosselini were often regarded as hysteric or otherwise unbalanced. After the conversion of their Giovanni rivals into a Cappadocian bloodline, the Rosselini were, at first, unaffected, except that they began to push themselves and their arts harder in order to compete with their rivals. They were assimilated into the family after a nasty incident with Claudius Giovanni in Rome during the 16th century, who ripped out the souls of the ruffians and forced the family to swear an oath of fealty to the Giovanni.

Among the Clan, the Rosselini are known for their cruel (even by Giovanni standards) treatment of their wraith servants. More than one Giovanni secretly suspected that the reason the Rosselini wound up serving the Giovanni (and not the other way around) was philosophical more than tactical. The Giovanni pursue necromancy for the power to exalt the family. The Rosselini do it because they simply like it. It is an end in itself, and consequently, the Rosselini often try to do as much as they possibly can, as sadistically as possible, just to push the envelope. Following the Sixth Maelstrom, many Rosselini found their end when their servants turned against them, turning into hateful Spectres who sought only to destroy their tormentors.

As RevenantsEdit

As of V20, a part of the Rosselini has been carefully bred by Augustus Giovanni (with the use of Necromancy, as some whisper) to become Revenants, after they approached him seeking a cure for a terrible illness that had plagued them. The existence of these revenants is kept a secret even from many members within the Clan, and some fear that the Rosselini will one day usurp the Giovanni in the same way the Giovanni usurped the Cappadocians. For this reason, the Giovanni responsible for the project seek to experiment on the other branch families to form revenants more loyal to the Clan.

Family Disciplines: Dominate, Necromancy, Fortitude

Weakness: Rosselini Revenants have an inverted sight, which constantly manifests as Deathsight. Growing up in the belief that the world of the living is a nightmarish landscape filled with death and decay, many develop further derangements and have a harder time during social events or Perception rolls.


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