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# <span>CtD. </span>'''[[Pour L'Amour et Liberte: The Book of Houses 2]]'''<span>, p. 97.</span>
# <span>CtD. </span>'''[[Pour L'Amour et Liberte: The Book of Houses 2]]'''<span>, p. 97.</span>
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[[Category:Changeling: The Dreaming glossary]]
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The Rose of Leanhaun is a powerful treasure of House Leanhaun.


This treasure is a white rose that was laid on Leanhaun's breast at her death. It is the only flower that failed to turn black when in contact with her after Finellia's curse was laid and it has remained incorruptible since. House members consider it a sign of hope as it has remained pure and vibrant while sustaining its holder without the need to Rhapsodize. The fae who holds the Rose draws Glamour directly from it. So long as she holds it at least one hour a week she also has no need to Rhapsodize to prevent herself from aging. She can also replenish all lost Glamour once a week while holding the bloom to her original starting point.

A special tournament is held every year by the house to find the best guardian for the rose. The female Leanhaun who wins, after proving herself in feats of arms, artistic merit, quick thinking, and grasp of house politics and needs, gains guardianship of the rose until the next tournament. She also must declare allegiance to Leanhaun's goals and her willingness to die in defense of house and treasure at her swearing in. By default she becomes a member of the Keepers of the Rose.


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