For the character "Rosa" from Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines see Rosa (VTMB)

Rosa is a Lasombra of the Sabbat, and the eldest childe of Rudesi.


The whole point of the Sabbat is that we glorify success. I haven't succeeded yet, but I'm not going to stop. There will be another revolt, and I will be helping instigate it. No doubt you'll be there to toady along when you see it working. That's what your kind does.
  — Rosa to Andrew Emory

Rosa killed her sire, Rudesi, and went in search of Lucita de Aragón to create a "New Sabbat" with its original ideals. She was captured by Andrew Emory and made into an unwilling member of his pack, but she still is an ardent defender of the loyalist ideals of the Sabbat.

During a Vaulderie, Lucita realizes that Rosa is Lucita herself as she might have been if she had stayed with sire, Cardinal Monçada. Rosa is the perfect weapon, untroubled by any lesser concern, devoted to the great crusade and endlessly winning its battles.


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