Rorg, the Many-Taloned Hunter, is the Incarna of Turog, a destroyed planet that forms the Asteroid Belt, according to Garou astrology. It acts as a Totem of War.


This Celestial Incarna rules over catastrophic change. Though not evil, both he and those Garou associated with him are paradoxically known for their cooperative nature, as well as rabid forms of rage and vengeance. Unlike other celestial totems, he does not have a month in the Garou calendar dedicated to him, and instead blesses Garou who take him by choice (regardless of original sign) rather than due to a specific date of birth.

His color is dark gray, and emphasizes inevitable doom, most likely to reflect the fate of the planet that Rorg once was long ago.

As TotemEdit


Rorg will not act as a pack totem to any group without at least one Red Talon, and he refuses to patronize packs he considers "lenient." Even so, his patronage can be useful, as his children can draw on a portion of his scattered yet unified power.

Traits & BanEdit

  • Background Cost: 10


Whenever Rorg's children act as a pack to accomplish a goal; whether teaming up against a single opponent in combat or pooling their knowledge to devise a plan, they gain -1 to all difficulties relevant to the task. (In the instance of combat, this would include initiative, attack and damage rolls, but not soak rolls – the goal would be to defeat the enemy, not to survive his attacks) Furthermore, Rorg grants his children an additional three dice in Primal-Urge and teaches them the Galliard Gift: Mindspeak.


Children of Rorg are not allowed to forgive until any crimes committed against them or their loved ones have been justly punished.


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