Roman Pendragon is a member of the Kindred triumvirate that rules over New England, along with William Biltmore and Stanford Warwick.


As a mortalEdit

Roman Pendragon was born in 1683 CE, the third son of a wealthy landowner in eastern England. Pendragon joined the British Army and fought in the campaigns of the War of Spanish Succession.

He advanced quickly through the officer ranks. His leadership qualities, combined with a ruthless persistence and a Machiavellian approach to politics, were rewarded often and well by his superiors. It was no secret that he was being groomed for a top seat in Parliament. However, his political dreams in the mortal world were never to materialize in the manner he had planned.

During a period of rest and relaxation in Switzerland, the young infantry captain met his sire. She was as beautiful as she was merciless, and it is very likely that Pendragon's ruthless nature attracted her to him. On August 12th, 1703, Pendragon was Embraced by Dark Selina, a wicked vampiress with worldly ambitions.

As a CainiteEdit

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