Rokea is a sourcebook to Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It is the eigth book of the series describing the Changing Breeds, and focuses on the eponymous Rokea weresharks.


From the White Wolf Catalogue:

The Seas Run Red
They have patrolled the lightless depths of the ocean since the time of the dinosaurs. Those that dare to invade their waters die. Those that offend them are devoured. But now it is not enough to simply remain in the oceans. Now the weresharks, the Rokea, walk the land on two legs. Now the balance shifts and anyone who crosses them is prey.
Feeding Frenzy
The Changing Breed Book series continues with a look at the savage defenders of the World of Darkness oceans. Rokea covers the bloodthirsty weresharks in great detail, including their society, abilities, mystical powers and goals. Whether you plan to add a new element to your existing game or try a new all-wereshark chronicle, its time to take your Werewolf game below the seas into the domain of the Rokea!

Unwelcome Guests

A short comic set in the Great Barrier Reef, featuring one of the several ways Garou and Rokea miscommunicate and clash.

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter One: The Long Swim

The history of the world from a Rokea perspective.

Chapter Two: Sunlit Waters

The society, internal factions and culture of the weresharks.

Chapter Three: Breach

Details about Character Creation, along with Totems, Gifts and Rites.

Chapter Four: Secrets of the Deep

Advice how to storytell a Rokea chronicle, as well as an introductory story.

Chapter Five: The School

Character templates for Rokea as well as famous characters.


Infos about real-life sharks in order to give the Rokea more nuance

Background Information

Memorable Quotes



Qyrl, C'et, Kun, Kadugo, Kopa Loei, Rorqual

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