The Rogue Council, also known as the Sphinx, is a mysterious entity (supposedly a cabal of unknown mages) that has begun sending messages to chantries all over the world, urging the Traditions to once more take the banner of Ascension. Their transmissions get through most wards and attempts to block them. These "messages from beyond" are on the minds of every young mage who is tired of hiding, and vex the mind of all who support the status quo.[1]

Ascension and DescensionEdit

In one of the scenarios of the Time of Judgment presented in Ascension, the Rogue Council primarily consists of surviving members of the first Primi and similar accomplished mages from the history of the Council of Nine, with Dante and Senex joining over the course of the story. In another, the voice behind the Rogue Council is actually Al-Aswad, the Unnamed, master of the Nephandi. That said, neither of these versions of the Rogue Council is necessarily definitive for the canonical World of Darkness.

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