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Rocky Shore is a Selkie Freehold just north of San Francisco in the Kingdom of Pacifica.



Just north of San Francisco, on the rocky coast of Point Reyes, there exists a hidden freehold, down a misty beach and up a steep cliff, in the living rock of the Earth. It is inhabited by a motley of beautiful fae called selkies. The seashores are their habitat, their refuge, and their home. Part human, part seal, they share a bond with the creatures of the shores. Their freeholds lie at the edge of the great waters in hidden grottos and beach fronts. The selkies of the Point Reyes freehold chose to build theirs in a cave on the side of a cliff. They call themselves the Selkies of Rocky Shore.

Menehune Relations

Both the selkies and the Menehune prize a resounding respect for nature. Because of this and the long history they share, a standing alliance has developed between the two families of Gallain. Either of them would rally to the other. The menehune lore-keepers even believe the large-eyed, red-skinned builders who preceded the current menehune were related to the selkies. The gentle seal folk do not contradict this theory. They have, in fact, remained suspiciously silent on the subject.

Back in the days of the closing of Silver's Gate, the selkies were given the task of delivering the Shadowstone to the menehune. They safeguarded it all the way to Hawai`i, giving it into the care of their allies who have kept this knowledge sacred. They, and only a few others, know the history of the Shadowstone.

The Motley

The selkies of Rocky Shore have a reputation for cherishing and teaching selkie traditions as well as retrieving selkie skins that have been stolen.


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