Robin Leeland, also known as Robin Hood, was the Cainite Prince of Nottingham during the Dark Ages. He is known to be the sire of the infamous anarch, Tyler.


The origins of Robin Leeland date from the first millennium AD. His early days are shrouded in mystery despite the fact that he was already active in 12th century. Some point that his name and appearance coincide with the legendary "Robin Hood", but when inquired, Robin just smiles and refuses to answer. Even so, he's used to impressing neonates by talking about King Richard, the Crusades and his days in the forest of Sherwood.

Regardless of his origins, Leeland has struggled against tyrants forever. His hard and dirty features were present in several plebeian uprisings throughout the Middle Ages – taking a direct hand in various peasant uprisings against English nobility, being a particularly strong advocate of the anarchistic tendencies, often fighting at the forefront during military skirmishes. 

In the 17th century, Leeland and his Furores supported the people of France against the French aristocracy. During this time, Robin hosted famous anarchs such as Jeremy MacNeil, who fell in love with Leeland's latest protégé at the time, a charitable French noblewoman called Marguerite Foccart. Robin blessed their union and they returned to Scotland and from there to the New World, where the pair hoped to bring Leeland's ideas.

The elder Brujah has been active in Europe ever since, and unlike the wildest Brujah, he never actually traveled to America. Although his ideas traveled to the New World through his friends, Robin himself believed that the challenge of Ventrue/Toreador rule in the old world was a more urgent matter.

Leeland predates the foundation of the Camarilla, and so do his relationships with the Inner Circle and the other elders of Europe, which means he has accumulated a huge amount of influence – and may as well make use of it, should the need arise. He still is an experienced warrior who likes to live freely, well balanced between physical and mental prowess, and is known to be proficient in the use of the disciplines of Potence, Celerity, Fortitude, Dominate and Presence.


  • For the legendary outlaw of English folklore, see Robin Hood.


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