Robert Pedder, known in his prime as the "Tai-pan", was the prince of Hong Kong before he was ousted by the vengeful native Kuei-jin.


Originally a British soldier, he received the Embrace in the late 17th century. Out of curiosity, he traveled to the newly formed British outpost in China, where he lived first in Canton under the rule of Donatus Pessao. In a failed coup against Pessao during the First Opium War, he was forced to flee to the rocky islands that would later form Hong Kong and begun aiding to build and shape the city with the aid of a renegade Wan Kuei. His influence of nearly everything within his domain, especially the local trade and harbor activities in the city, made him one of the most prominent princes within the Camarilla, and many considered him a candidate for the next Ventrue Justicar. Under his rule, Hong Kong was one of the few places within the Middle Kingdom that Kindred could access without watching their backs for foreign supernatural threats. On June 30th, 1997, the day when the city was returned to the Chinese, he stepped down from his office, and many Kindred followed his departure. Pedder, however, never managed to actually leave the city; he was destroyed by a wu in his haven in Victoria Peak.

Pedder remained a proud citizen of the British Empire through his entire unlife, even when it had shrunk to the United Kingdom. His racism and fear of the Kuei-jin drove him to forbid any attempt to Embrace natives.


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