Robert Morton is a Wraith in Hawaii.

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Robert Morton

General Robert Morton is listed among the casualties at Pearl Harbor. Only months away from his retirement, General Morton hid in the wrong building at the wrong time. He had watched his fellow marines run to their stations, manning guns and helping the wounded. His only goal had been to survive. His cowardly act has haunted him ever since.

Robert slipped into the Shadowlands amidst a crowd of others. His caul was lifted by a slaver, but before he could be chained, he managed to slink into hiding under the cover of the general confusion.

Robert found Ruth Anne, soon after her death, wandering lost and afraid on the Hawaiian coastline. She reminded him of his own daughter and so he took her under his wing. Robert's military background gave him the leadership skills to become a powerful figure in the area, and he uses that position to pull Ruth Anne out of the fires that she builds for herself.

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The General carried himself like a tried-and-true military man. Tall and strong, he still wears his uniform, its brass, gold, and silver medals shining upon his breast. His eyes have a haunted look, their white-blue irises sharp and cold. He does not look his age, 48. A dusting of gray at the temples marks his otherwise black hair, and the lines of his stern mouth seem to be more a product of heavy decisions than aging.

Personal Edit

Robert takes charge of every situation. Little Ruth Anne gives him fits with the scrapes she gets into, but he would do anything to protect her. He talks too loudly and gruffly. Despite knowing better, he still harbors a deep prejudice against the Japanese.

References Edit

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