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Robert Allred is a Kinfolk Pentex executive.


Allred was a Kinfolk of the Get of Fenris. He betrayed his tribe to gain power for himself by leading many Get into a Bane ambush. For turning traitor, Allred was given a high-level position in Pentex, and eventually was invited to join Board.

Allred now works to destroy the Garou. He was chosen by the Urge Wyrm of Power to become his servant in the physical world. The Wyrm has endowed him with unusual gifts; some are like those of the Black Spiral Dancers, but many remain unknown.

In recent decades, several Directors have fallen to internal struggles and external threats. Donald Gauntley, Elliot Meiche, Robert Allred, Frederick Kromrich, Enzo Giovanni, Danforth Stern, and James Kiker are no longer part of the Board or the company. Werewolves killed some; others found themselves fatally ousted, while a few disappeared entirely.

Robert survived an assassination attempt by Julisha of the Thousand Masks, when she placed a miniature Zulu mask on his pillow that exploded, killing six Pentex employees, but not Allred himself.