Robber Bird was a greedy True Fae Keeper petrified in the mysterious place known as the Blasted Beach.


According to legend, the Robber Bird found itself ambushed by a small legion of changelings, all of whom had been kept by the thieving, treasure-hoarding Fae. The Robber Bird, normally a foul thing of great power, was burdened by the many treasures it kept concealed under its cloak. It would not let its baubles and trifles go, and so it could not move like it wanted to — and the militant changelings took advantage of it. A Swimmerskin called Mary O'Brine was the one who dealt the final blow, thrusting a rusted rapier through the monster’s heart.

The Robber Bird screamed and froze in place, its flesh hardening into a vein of pink granite. A harrumphing blast of air buffeted all nearby. Not only did this great exhalation knock down the Hedge walls here (leaving half-of-a-beach in its wake, all blasted sands and briny pools), but all of the creature’s kept treasures peppered the area that became known as the Blasted Beach. It was a concussive piñata, a shimmering grenade. Some of the trifles acted like shrapnel, killing a few of the attendant changelings. The rest were driven deep into the sands, hidden.


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