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Via Einherjar, commonly known as Road of the Slain or Path of the Slain, is a Road practiced among the Norse vampires and serves as a reminder of the ancient ethics that the All-Father gave them. The Road teaches responsibility, courage in the face of adversity, and individual initiative. Many drive off the Beast by acts of iron-willed discipline and courage, such as watching the sun rising.

Most of the followers of the Road are disrespectful, self-serving, and physically abusive to those they do not respect. Often, even the people they do respect are treated only slightly better.

Hierarchy of Sins

Via Einherjar ("Road of the Slain")
Rating Moral Guideline
10 Stealing or cheating.
9 Not challenging a weak leader.
8 Begging or otherwise asking for help.
7 Failing to kill for reasons of conscience.
6 Failing to boast and spreading your tale.
5 Hoarding or otherwise miserly actions.
4 Performing an unmanly act.
3 Showing fear or hesitation in the face of peril.
2 Running away from danger/breaking a sworn oath.
1 Backing down from a challenge.


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