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Road of Sin is one of the Road books for Dark Ages: Vampire. It details Via Peccati, the Kindred who indulge their whims in order to satisfy their hunger, regardless of who they harm.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Wage of Sin
The followers of the Road of Sin are reviled, sometimes tolerated, and sometimes persecuted. But rare is the Cainite who, his Beast howling for sweet vitae, has not given in to that longing. The Sinners have been soothing that Beast for centuries – they know that mastery of the Beast is an illusion. Only through acquiescence can one be truly free. Only through sin can a Cainite know peace. Only on the Via Peccati can the Damned ascend.
The Price of Virtue
In the fourth of the Road Books for Dark Ages: Vampire, the secrets of the Road of Sin, the most mysterious and sinister of the major roads, are finally revealed. Herein, find the tempters, torturers and defilers of the Cainites – their history, their rites and practices, and their theories on how damning their souls may save their sanity.


Prelude: Earthly PleasuresEdit

Chapter One: On Hunger and Its SatisfactionEdit

The history of the Road of Sin, those it has influenced, and how Sinners are inducted onto the Road,

Chapter Two: Carpe NoctumEdit

The organization of the Sinners, the important rites such as The Aphrodisiac and Saturnalia, a breakdown of their views on the other Roads, and of each Clan, the holy sites of Via Peccati, and the types of organizations that form within.

Chapter Three: Paths of DesireEdit

Common themes to explore and keep in mind when creating a character that follows the Road of Sin, and exploration on the four Paths of Via Peccati: the Path of Pleasure, the Path of Cruelty, the Path of the Devil, and the Path of Screams. There are also additional combined Discipline abilities, new Merits and Flaws, and famous road artifacts and stories.

Chapter Four: Sins Sweet and DeadlyEdit

Character templates for the Road of Sin, and important travelers on the Road.

Background InformationEdit

This is the second book in the Road series.

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Via Adversarius, Via Crudelitas, Via Peccati, Via Quiritare, Via Voluptarius

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