Seal of Via Mutationis

Via Mutationis, commonly called the Road of Metamorphosis, is one of the minor Roads that Kindred may choose to follow in Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire. It is mainly followed by Tzimisce, and its followers are called Seekers.

Some see Via Mutationis as an extension of Via Ossium; like their Scholar brethren, the Seekers seek out knowledge. However, the followers of the Road of Metamorphosis use that knowledge not for others, but for themselves. Those who become Seekers live lonely, introverted lives as they discover their own capabilities. They rely on riddles and fragments of information, and usually give similar answers in return. Most unusually, especially for the flesh-shaping Tzimisce, those that follow the road usually reject their own malleable flesh for perfection of the spirit.

There is also the notable belief that Seekers hold Lilith had nothing to do with teaching Caine the Disciplines. They firmly believe that Caine created them through his own work and willpower, something they strive to accomplish themselves.


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