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Road of Kings is one of the Road books for Dark Ages: Vampire. It details Via Regalis, the political movers and shakers of the Dark Age Kindred.


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Cursed to the Night
Caine's Curse is a grand responsibility that we dare not shirk. We have been made into the highest order of being on this Earth and we must accept it. But rulership is not simply a matter of inheritance – it demands will to uphold this dark legacy. You are a vampire, but are you strong enough to be a Scion?
Destined to Rule It
In the second of the Road Books for Dark Ages: Vampire, players find all the secret ways and hidden rites of the Road of Kings, the vampiric faith that teaches the ways of honor and power. From dark tyrants and Machiavellian schemers to ashen knights and vampire-kings, the Scions come into their own in the War of Princes.


Prelude: Midnight VigilEdit

Chapter One: Crowns Cast in ShadowEdit

The origins of the Road of Kings, the history it has influenced, why Scions choose the Road, and the role faith plays for those on it.

Chapter Two: The Ways of KingsEdit

How to become a Scion, the roles of blood oaths, ghouls, and the Embrace, the way the Scions are organized and the roles they tend to play on the Road of Kings, a breakdown of their views on the other Roads, and of each Clan, what happens to those who abandon the Road, and the holy sites of Via Regalis.

Chapter Three: The Blood Will TellEdit

Common themes to explore and keep in mind when creating a character that follows the Road of Kings, and exploration on the four Paths of Via Regalis: the Path of Chivalry, the Path of the Merchant, the Path of the Tyrant, and the Path of the Vizer. There are also additional combined Discipline abilities and famous road artifacts and stories.

Chapter Four: Kings and CounselorsEdit

Character templates for the Road of Kings, and important travelers on the Road.

Background InformationEdit

This is the second book in the Road series.

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Via Consuasor, Via Equitum, Via Mercator, Via Regalis, Via Tyrannus

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