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For the Road itself, see Road of Humanity

Road of Humanity is a supplement for Dark Ages: Vampire covering Via Humanitatis and its practitioners.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Banished from Life
We are still human. We might be damned, but we still look upon the works of God and Man with joy in our hearts. Fate has seen fit to grant us eternity. Whether this is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen, but we will let the children of Seth guide us. They are the truly favored of God, after all.
The Prodigals Return
The last of the Road Books for Dark Ages: Vampire, Road of Humanity includes everything necessary to play one of the Prodigals. The history of the road, its evolution alongside humanity from the time of the First City, the current practices of its followers, and the most important Prodigals in the War of Princes are all detailed herein. Come walk the Via Humanitas. It's the only sane option.
Road of Humanity includes:
  • The history, beliefs and practices of the Prodigals
  • Story hooks and character templates suitable for all Dark Ages: Vampire characters
  • New Merits and Flaws, Discipline techniques and advice for playing Prodigal vampires


Prelude: The Legacy of Caine

Chapter One: Mercy of Prodigal

Chapter Two: Dead but Not Damned

Chapter Three: The Man within the Beast

Chapter Four: Blood of Seth, Blood of Caine

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Via Humanitatis

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