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For the Path of the same name, see Path of Chivalry.

Via Equitum, commonly called the Road of Chivalry was one of the minor Roads that kindred may choose to follow in Vampire: The Dark Ages.

NOTE: Since the publication of Dark Ages: Vampire, it was reworked into a much broader path of the Road of Kings, called Path of Chivalry


The Road cherished honor and nobility above all else, and despise being inspired by the emerging chivalry among humans, it views mortals more or less as noble beasts. It was both the youngest and the most formal of the Roads. It taught Conscience and Self-Control.

Being the most mutable road as it was the newest one, it underwent several changes. The version in Vampire: The Dark Ages focused on ruling. In The Ashen Knight a revised version appeared, more focused on responsibilities, even towards mortals (it was suggested to rename the original version Road of Lordship).

There were several references (in character descriptions) to a version of the Road that focused on lojalty to clan Tzimisce and therefore used Conviction and Instinct instead of the usual Virtues. This version is never formally described.

Version Differences

The Road of Chivalry (the original version) was eventually reworked into the much broader Via Regalis, the Road of Kings, for the Revised Dark Ages: Vampire. The revised version became Path of Chivalry (Via Equitum), a minor Path branching from the Road of Kings. The Tzimisce version is perhaps most like the more general branch called Path of the Tyrant. Note that while Road of Chivalry was described as the youngest of the Roads and inspired by feudalism (making it unsuited for most older Cainites), the Road of Kings is instead described as very ancient and derived from Caine himself (making it appropriate even for very old Cainites).