The Via Aesirgard is similar to the Road of Heaven, in that it is religious in focus. However, the viking concepts of "holiness" and "sin" are far different from those of their christian counterparts. A Viking reviles cowardice or lying, but has little compunctions about rape, robbery or killing in war or challenges. Conversely, a "pious" man is not necessarily a weak follower of the pale Christ-god, but rather a devout student of the ways of the gods and a master of runes and sags.

Hierarchy of SinsEdit

10 - Failing to show respect to the gods, or men of devout wisdom.

9 - Failing to speak out against cowardice, treachery, and dishonor.

8 - Being motivated by compassion, gluttony, or fear

7 - Stealing from, lying to, or cheating friends and allies.

6 - Causing harm to a devout and virtuous person (by viking standards).

5 - Feeding from a devout person without permission.

4 - Blasphemous or heretical acts (desecrating an image of Thor or Odin. supporting the worship of the Christ-god).

3 - Allowing a crime or major act of treachery or dishonor to go unpunished.

2 - Committing hidden murder or fatally betraying allies.

1 - Aiding a demon, troll, jotun or other supernatural servant of evil.

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