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A Ritualist Clique is a type of Unseelie Clique.


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Although quite rare, there are cliques that are formed solely for religious purposes or spiritual exploration. Shadow Court sorcerers and Dauntain Black Magicians may have contact with, or even share, a clique with Tremere vampires, Shadow Lord and Uktena Theurge werewolves, and Hollow One mages. More-extreme cliques associate with Tremere antitribu, Dreamspeaker barabbi, and even Black Spiral Dancers. Unseelie Ritualists perform ceremonies to maintain the balance of the world and preserve the darkness within it, but Shadow Court Ritualists favor exploitative and destructive rituals.

Sometimes Instigators will build Ritualist cliques around themselves to help them better understand their causes. Since these allies are not bound by traditional boundaries of belief and paradigm, these groups seek a deeper understanding of the world. Unfortunately, it is also a far more dangerous world once these secrets are unveiled.

Ritual cliques gain a deeper understanding of the supernatural world, furthering the court’s second goal, yet they also guide the spiritual development of the Shadow Court. The priests of ritual cliques prepare for the revelry of Samhain, the fifth goal of the Shadow Court.


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