Ritualist is a political Impulse of the Unseelie Fae of the Shadow Court.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Many see the Ritualists as offshoots of the Purists, but their interests are more spiritual than political. Where they verge on politics, it is because they believe political systems should be subservient to the spiritual life. They fully subscribe to the ancient ways, believing that the king is the land, and that sacrifices are necessary for the good of the land and to preserve its connection to the Dreaming. They see the Endless Winter as a necessary part of moving through the cycles and on into a new Spring. The Unseelie calendar is a creation of the Ritualists and they are the ones who pay most attention to it.

Most Unseelie have great need for a major spiritual presence in their lives. Thus, anyone may become a Ritualist in addition to whatever other party they espouse (except Anarchists). Rituals can be used to legitimize just about any political impulse. Since the Unseelie are the ones who acknowledge the Endless Winter and feel they are to play a large part in it, they are far more given to spiritual shows and celebrations than their Seelie brethren. Ritualists are concerned with attaining influence and alliances with the supernatural world, in taking and storing Glamour for the Winter ahead, and in performing all their ritual obligations correctly and meaningfully. They are the most likely to create treasures and store Glamour as dross. Many commoners like the pageantry of the Ritualists, but the sidhe are the group’s backbone.

References[edit | edit source]

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