The Sluagh Ritual of the Dead is a Samhain event shared between the underfolk and their Wraith allies.

Overview Edit

The actual name of this rite is unpronounceable by any but sluagh, but the Shadow Court insists on giving it a banal name. On Samhain, the Shroud between the worlds drops considerably and communication with the Restless Dead becomes even easier for the crawlers. At this time, many bargains are made between the living and the dead, all of which have a duration of precisely a year and a day. These deals involve secrets for the ghosts to find out, arrangements to haunt specific sites for ghosts, and Skinlands errands to be performed by the sluagh. More than one wraith has agreed to help a crawler in exchange for having their Fetters carefully gathered and protected by the sluagh in question.

Such deal making is exquisitely formal, as is expected in bargains involving the underfolk. Terms are discussed with painstaking precision, with solemn witnessing of the deals, and all pacts sealed with oaths of stunning potency.

Many crawlers and wraiths renew their working agreements year after year. In these cases, the Ritual is instead a reaffirmation and formalization of what the two parties already know. It's the respect implied in the formal dealmaking that's important to both sides.

References Edit

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