Ritual of the Bitter Rose is a Thaumaturgical ritual allows multiple vampires to experience the benefits of diablerie from a single victim. The number allowed to participate in the ritual depends on the generation and power of the victim.


A single vampire must drain the victim's blood and all but one of his Health Levels. At the last possible moment as the victim is reduced to that last Health level, the diableriest must stop drinking. As drinking is so euphoric that it will require an immense test of will to stop: the vampire must make a Self-Control against a Difficulty of 10 - the victim's generation. If the roll fails or botches the victim will be drained of his last Health level and the diablerie of the victim is conducted by only one and she alone will experience the Rebirth and elevation. It could be possible that in a Botch the perpetrator of the diablerie could attack her comrades.

Next the victim's heart must be cut out using a dagger forged of cold iron. This will bring Final Death to the victim. The heart is placed in a clean earthenware bowl and it is crushed to a pulp using a mortar of marble. It is mixed with red wine. Ash from an alder stake is added to the mixture. Last is one pint of pure water (modern times this has been distilled water) is poured into the concoction.

The lead in the ritual must make an Intelligence + Occult roll against a difficulty of 6 which is made secretly by the Storyteller. All those wishing to experience the benefits must then drink the concoction. If the roll was a Successes then each drinker gains the Rebirth and elevated one generation. If the roll failed the concoction is inert and there is no elevation. If the roll botched then it was rendered poisonous inflicting 3 aggravated wounds. It is reduced by one for each Success on a Stamina + Fortitude roll with a Difficulty of 5.

There are rumors that sometimes the ritual could elevate the drinkers more than one generation as well as being able to be stored and drank at a later date. There are also rumors that upon drinking, those who took part of the ritual suddenly burst into flames.


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