The Ritual of Severance is a process undergone by Ferrymen in which their Shadow and Psyche are permanently separated creating a Pasiphae. The Ritual was taught to the Ferrymen by Anubis in exchange for protection of the Egyptian Dead, the Amenti.

The ritual is the final step in becoming a Ferrymen and the drawing out of the Shadow causes the enlongated visage of the Ferrymen. All Ferrymen save one, Charon, have undergone the ritual.

The Pasiphae and the Ferryman are still connected such that if one is to be destroyed the other is as well. This bond exists at a less extreme level as activities that generate Angst are still funneled to the Pasiphae and likewise Pathos can be funneled from the Pasiphae to the Ferryman.

Benefits to the subject:

  • No Shadow
  • No Angst
  • Unlimited shadow dice
  • Strengthened Corpus
  • Greater Pathos reserves
  • Access to Dark Arcanoi
  • Bridge of Thoughts
  • Immunity from Mind Control
  • No Harrowings


  • Unpleasant appearance
  • Actions feed Pasiphae
  • Cannot Cross the Shroud
  • Mirrored statistics
  • Entwined fates
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