Rites of the Dragon is a sourcebook for the Vampire: The Requiem game line. It explores the origins of Dracula, the founder of the Ordo Dracul.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

"I shall sleep but not rest."
Slain by his enemies and cursed by God, Vlad Dracula arose from the battlefield as a ravening beast, hungry for the blood of men. For centuries the son of the Dragon has haunted the earth, driven by an implacable will to unravel the mysteries of the Embrace and to master them. The Requiem is no mournful elegy to one such as the Impaler. It is the riddle of the ages, and at its heart may lie the key to life itself.
"I gird myself for battle, not of the body, but the mind."
Rites of the Dragon is the testament of Dracula himself, written in his own words. Within you learn the story of his transformation and quest to unlock the secrets of his undead existence.

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