By using this powerful (Rank 5) rite, the Caller of the Wyld summons the totem Phoenix to a caern when a new Silver Pack is chosen. The ritemaster calls out to Phoenix and leads the Council of Elders in a howl stating the purpose of the Silver Pack and beseeching Phoenix to offer his patronage. As the rite ends, a pillar of cold, blue flame appears before the assembled Garou. Each prospective pack member must pass through the flame in turn. A Garou chosen for the Silver Pack emerges from the flame bearing the Mark of the Phoenix. When Phoenix is satisfied with the pack before him, the flame explodes upward harmlessly and vanishes.

System: The ritemaster must make a Wits + Rituals roll (difficulty 7). At the successful completion of the rite, the pillar of flame appears. Garou whom Phoenix accepts (the Storyteller's choice as to who is worthiest) emerges unharmed and receives full benefits of membership in the Silver Pack. Ones not accepted receive two Health Levels of aggravated damage from the flames.


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