The Rite of the Dreamtime is a Mystic Rite of the Garou that manipulates a Chimare.

Overview Edit

This level 2 Mystic Rite is a niche rite that allows the ritualist to fall into a deep trance or sleep, and force their dreams to take the shape of a given Chimare they have visited. During this time, he or she can reshape the Chimare to their will.

System Edit

The ritualist falls into a trance, and must spend Gnosis to redefine features of the Chimare. She or he can only reshape single, simple ideas and objects with a single point of Gnosis. More complicated concepts, including basic laws of physical reality in the Chimare, require more Gnosis. The costs can be paid over multiple dream sequences, but should be somewhere between one and ten, with one being a minor or aesthetic change in the world, and ten being something severe as the full reversal of gravity. Objects so changed will remain for a number of days equal to the ritualist’s Willpower.

If she or he wishes to make the changes permanent, they can invest five times the normal Gnosis cost. This will almost certainly require multiple dreams to accomplish. The expenditure must be spent during the normal time frame though, so within a number of days equal to the ritualist’s Willpower.

References Edit

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