After sacrificing thousands of slaves to appease Ammut, the Devourer, the Shan'iatu were granted the Rite of Return as a way of attaining immortality. Each of the Arisen were made using this rite, turning them into undying agents of the Nameless Empire. Some believe that the rite allowed the sorcerer-priests to become the Judges of Duat, standing side-by-side with Azar, their patron god.

Whatever the case, all Arisen endure the rite by first being ritually mummified. Their soul is then cast into the Underworld where they suffer many torments until they reach the gates of Duat, guarded by the Jackal-headed god Anpu. Once they enter in, they are questioned by each of the 42 judges, the last of which will be their patron upon the would-be Arisen speaking their Decree.