The Riders of the Midnight Trods are a group of mounted messengers composed primarily of members of House Scathach and the commoner kithain associated with the house.

Overview Edit

This order of mounted Scathach messengers have taken it upon themselves to relay as much information as possible to all the Kithain of Concordia. They draw their material from various contacts among many societies as well as from eyewitness reports and use a network of trods known only to them that stretches across the Kingdom of Apples and connects to similar paths in the Dreaming to other parts of the Concordia. Their faerie steeds, specially bred by kinain of the House in the Kingdom of Apples, carry their riders unerringly and quickly along these silver paths. Some guardians of trods usually forbidden to most changelings are actually admirers of the Riders and will allow them free passage when necessary but for the most part they use their own, secret ways. On top of news of the war, the Riders will bear letters between fae separated by the travel restrictions: families, lovers, friends, and even warriors on opposing sides in the conflict.

The Riders are led by a young Scathach Knight named Rowena the Just and maintain a studied neutrality for the present, finding no pretender to the throne worthy of their support. Recently, though, news has reached them of a strange knight fresh from the Dreaming and it has caught their attention. A few now hope that there may be a candidate to support at last.

References Edit

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