Rhania is a D'habi revenant acted as an intermediary for Aristotle de Laurent in Montréal, taking the Shroud of Kaymakli into Sabbat territory.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rhania hails from a line of D'habi ghouls living in Istanbul who hire their services for vitae. Notorious for once serving the Baali, the Turkish D'habi are now scholarly mercenaries steeped in occult lore and Cainite history. Despised by many, but secretly courted for their acumen, the D'habi live short lives owing to patricide, infanticide, and the occasional poorly chosen alliance (as in Rhania's case with Beckett).

In pursuit of knowledge many cross hallowed lines, going so far as to serve demonic powers. Rhania is among them. Additionally, through continued inbreeding in her family, Rhania possesses certain proclivities – she is a cannibal with a destructive taste for her own body, having already sliced off an earlobe and bitten off two fingers.

Despite this eccentricity, Rhania has a near-savant understanding of ancient languages, including a familiarity with Enochian that shames many older Noddists. She also knows of Kaymakli. Unfortunately, this knowledge has cost her dearly, for Beckett and Aristotle de Laurent want her dead for differing reasons, and the Sabbat Inquisition is after her through Knight Inquisitor Mercy.

Rhania fights for her life, but she already knows she is on the short end of fate's stick. Her only hope is her knowledge of the shroud fiasco, including Aristotle's culpability in the matter.

Character Sheet[edit | edit source]

Rhania, D'habi revenant
Nature: Chameleon
Demeanor: Eye of the Storm
Apparent Age: Early 40s

References[edit | edit source]

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