Revenants are "spontaneous vampires", clanless examples of why the Kindred try not to kill when they feed.


While most individuals polluted by Vitae do not normally rise upon death, sufficiently low Humanity by their accidental sires dooms some of their deceased victims and ghouls to rise a few nights later as pseudo-Kindred lacking Blood Potency and without the ability to retain Vitae over the daysleep, sweating it out during their slumber. Needless to say, theirs is a miserable lot of constant fear of hunger frenzy and relatively easy possession by Strix, and they (and their creators) are usually killed to uphold the Masquerade.

There is a way to escape the horrible unlife of a revenant apart from Final Death, however; it is possible to Embrace them, at which point they become, for all intents and purposes, a normal, clanned childe of the sire who "adopted" them. Indeed, a cross-clan bloodline, the Neglatu, does not lose Humanity for adopting a revenant, so long as they initiate said childe into the bloodline in the process.


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