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Revelations of the Dark Mother is a compilation by Rachel Dolium in response to Aristotle de Laurent's compilation The Book of Nod. Revelations of the Dark Mother compiles various accounts of Lilith, the titular Dark Mother, and of her Bahari cults.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Even The Book of Nod speaks of her but little. She is Lilith, the Dark Queen, the Harlot of the Damned. It was she, some whisper, who taught Caine his shadowed gifts. And it is she, the legends continue, who will rise to herald the Final Nights, the great Gehenna. Come, childer, and hear the Dark Mother's tale.
Embraces Her Children for the Final Nights
A Book of Nod-style tome of vampire myths and history, Revelations of the Dark Mother explores the heretofore ignored legends of Lilith, the Dark Queen. Learn of the hidden Lilith-cults that have existed down through the ages. Discover a new telling of the Vampire creation myth, and guess at what is yet to come in the night.


Preface: Coiled at the Roots

Rachel Dolium writes down why she had this book compiled.

Notes About This Book

This is a compilation of impressions quite diverse and open to interpretation not specific scholarship.

The Three Cycles of Lilith

A what is in this book and how to use it.

The Bahari

This is a description of what a follower of Lilith, or Ba'ham, is and what it means to be, according to Rachel Dolium that is, and how they are different from the followers of Caine. There are also examples of Pictograms used by the Ba'ham.

First Circle: The Book of the Serpent

The Oath of Lilith

The Oath taken by the Ba'ham on their initiation.

The Genesis Fragment

The telling of Genesis from Lilith's point of view.

Second Circle: The Book of the Owl

The Midnight Garden

The telling of the coming of Caine and the aftermath from Lilith's point of view.

The Rite of Caine

A Rite of the Ba'ham that depicts the betrayal of Caine upon Lilith.

The Lament for Lucifer

Third Circle: The Book of the Dragon

Malediction: Queen of Hells

A continuation of the story told in THE MIDNIGHT GARDEN. The aftermath of Caine's betrayal and Lucifer's abandonment.

Lamia: Notes of Inquisition

A church account of a capture and interrogation of a possible Lamia vampire.

Owl, Cat and Serpent

A Medieval song hailing Lilith and her creations.

The Rising Tides

The "Revelations" of the tale and Lilith's eventual revenge on the Children of Caine and Seth.

Memorable Quotes

"When first I tasted the fruit of the Trees
felt the seed of Life and Knowledge
burn within me
I swore that day that I would not turn back..."
— From the Oath of Lilith

by a bolt from on high
mother may i
as if you were
on a bitter seed
my mouth is a drum
my belly a furnace of lies"
— Patricia de la Forge, "Outside the Garden"

"I have lost my faith
in silence"
- Patricia de la Forge, "Grin"

"beneath a shining skin
a butterfly
waiting to rip through"
-Patricia de la Forge, "Tick Tick"




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