Return of the Scarlet Empress is a sourceboook for Exalted Second Edition chronicling the re-appearance of the Scarlet Empress and the ensuing attempt by the Yozis to invade Creation.

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The Scarlet Empress returns and, unknown to most, heralds the Yozi Reclamation.
Soon, Creation will be plunged into conflict. Whether they support the Empress's efforts or oppose her at every turn, the world's Exalted will be at the heart of the struggle. In the end, as the heavens shake and the Blessed Isle burns, what tales will they tell of your deeds?
A ready-made series for Exalted® featuring:
  • An adventure that spans Creation
  • Action for each Exalt type, as well as most other Exalted characters, from Mountain Folk to heroic mortals
  • Traits for the Scarlet Empress and the Ebon Dragon themselves



Chapter One: The Cursed IsleEdit

Chapter Two: The Scavenger Lands and the Eastern FrontEdit

Chapter Three: The Northern FrontEdit

Chapter Four: The Western FrontEdit

Chapter Five: The Southern FrontEdit

Chapter Six: Other Realms of ExistenceEdit

Chapter Seven: End GameEdit

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Realm, Time of Tumult, Reclamation, Yozi, Ebon Dragon

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