The Restrictive Librarian is a type of Autumn Person identified by Runcible Shaw.

Overview Edit

Restrictive Librarian

Within the educational system, many followers of the fall have entrenched themselves for the purpose of capturing imaginative children and childlings. One common related stereotype is the Restrictive Librarian. Although their primary activity its he protection of their domain, they are like a Venus flytrap, constructing an exotic deception to snare the unwary and teach them "proper values."

The Restrictive Librarian gives credence to the established stereotypes. The library must be kept deathly-quiet, and any hijinks from childlings will be met with resistance. Their stalking ground becomes a morose and slightly hostile environment, ensuring that anyone looking for imaginative children's books or enlightening fairytales will be driven away. The foolish children who are lured in are taught a false image of what libraries should be.

Habitat Edit

The Restrictive Librarian isn't found in just any library. You will find them in a library where everything is organized and shelved according to their specifications. This is done to discourage anyone from finding the proper books without assistance. The shelves will be padded with books of tame and minimal interest, but will also be kept pure of dangerous ideas that someone else might deem offensive to mysterious third parties who are apparently too frightened to speak for themselves.

Identification Edit

Most of the identifying marks of the Restrictive Librarian are found within their habitat. Females of the species will adopt many traditional elements of Heavy Sleeper attire, including polyester, sensible shoes, horn-rimmed glasses, and baggy dresses. However, as of late, many book-hoarders have taken on the guise of normal, efficient librarians to discredit the profession as a whole.

Encounters Edit

A librarian in the southwest United States thought it would be best to remove any books "deemed inappropriate for children" from her local library. She further ensured the restriction of "offensive materials" by misshelving certain books in obscure parts of the library to keep patrons with delicate sensibilities safe. A group of Unseelie childling pooka took revenge after hours by luring her into the children's section and leading her on a Nightmare Ride through the library. Taking the forms of monsters, they leaped from books and chased her until she fell down, exhausted. The terrifying event reduced her Banality enough that she reshelved all the appropriate books.

References Edit

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