Resonance is the constant current of the Awakened soul's desires against the static reality. It furthermore describes the particular style of magic a mage uses. The more powerful a mage gets, the stronger and more pronounced his Resonance gets. Eventually her Resonance cloaks her in an aura of power that is noticeable and almost tangible. Humans often notice something odd, unusual or potent about mages; for the mage with high Resonance, this feeling is much more pronounced.

Resonance afflicts the outcome of the mage's used Effects. The personal, unique nature of each mage causes each form of Resonance to be special, though. Mages who are experienced in sensing Prime threads — or who just have good supernatural instincts — can often tell a mage's specific form of Resonance.

Since a mage's Resonance manifests in his actions, voice, mannerisms and magic, people can sometimes tell that the mage is more than human. In normal social situations, the mage may suffer a penalty in reactions with humans — one point of difficulty for each dot in the highest Resonance Trait. Acolytes and freethinkers often deal with "weird" people as a matter of course.

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