The Resolutions of Intent are the founding document of the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions, signed on June 21, 1466 in Horizon. The Resolutions were the result of nine years of intensive negotiations, politicking and occasional outright fighting during the Grand Convocation, as mysically-minded mages sought a framework in which they could unify against the Order of Reason.

The Resolutions are declared "in the name of all the Gods and Goddesses we Revere," despite efforts by the Celestial Chorus of the period to impose a more explicitly Christian framework on the Council. They state the goals of the Council, including protecting others from the Order of Reason, pursuing Ascension, and teaching their arts within the theory of nine Spheres of magic that was agreed upon at the Grand Convocation. It includes a pledge of mutual defense and a vow to end internal strife between Traditions.


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