Research & Execution (often shortened to R&E) is a methodology of the Void Engineers that builds and maintain their equipment.

They specialize in Forces and Dimensional Science.


R&E originated in the Celestial Masters' more academic branch, who focused more on mapping the stars than traversing them. As much of their information was also of benefit to the Void Seekers, the two established a close working relationship that eventually resulted in their fusion during the founding of the Technocratic Union.

Originally founded as the Office of Technological Research, the leadership of the Union soon realized how vital their work was for the continued success of the Convention. Funding was increased to the point the manufacturers became a separate methodology, originally named Research & Development. Tychoides, the founding father of the Void Engineers, took offense at that name, since scientists, in his opinion, should not waste time with long-winded developments, but instead executed their ideas.


R&E is the single most vital methodology in the convention. Every other methodology depends on their gear and the field patrols depend on their mechanics. Only the best and brightest recruits are taken into R&E, a fact that the convention is well aware of. Rarely noticed by the rest of the Union, Research & Execution works

Tongue in cheek, R&E are often referred to as Q Division, for the same reason N.W.O's own research institution is named so.


The Methodology is divided into several specialization fields:

  • Advanced Research Division: The "labrats" test how well a device functions under the conditions the Void Engineers operate under, and also focus on understanding the enemies that lie beyond the Gauntlet.
  • Field Engineering Corps: These scientists work together with other Void Engineers to operate their ships and keep them functional. They are also often trained for combat.
  • Fleet Intelligence Service: The spooks analyze the info the field agents gather and act on it. Most of them is stationed at Copernicus Research Center and Yemaja, but around 10% inspect constructs of the convention.
  • Vessel Construction Corps: The Shipwrights build the voidships that the rest of the Convention depends on, but also constructs weapons and environmental gear.


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