Repudiator is a political Impulse of the Unseelie Fae of the Shadow Court.

Overview Edit

Shadow Court 12
Once called Reformists, the Repudiators wanted to completely divorce themselves from the constitutional monarchist Seelie Reformers. To make clear their disgust with the Seelie in general, they took the name Repudiators. These fae desire a complete takeover by the Unseelie sidhe, who will then rule. They argue that 600 years of Seelie governance have led to ruin, and that only a total reversal can save changelings now. They work to bring on the Endless Winter. Some among them believe that the Winter is coming regardless of what they do. They think those who are strong and ruthless must be in control when it does.

Others fear that the Winter is already upon us and the Seelie are just too blind to see it. They foresee that Spring will only come again once control has returned to the Unseelie for the centuries-long Winter. Repudiators seek power and influence among mortals and supernaturals, harvest and hoard Glamour for themselves, work toward the total overthrow of the Seelie, and closely follow the yearly rituals, especially those pertaining to Samhain. Commoners are welcome to their ranks, but definitely take a back seat to the Unseelie sidhe.

References Edit

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