Renegades is a supplement for Wraith: The Oblivion that covers the many Renegades of Stygia in depth.


From the White Wolf catalog:

We Got Your Dictum Mortuum Right Here
Don't tell me you were dumb enough to buy the load of crud the Hierarchy's been trying to sell you. If you believe the Deathlords are benevolent, the Legions are here to protect us and soulforging is a necessary part of the Stygian way of life, I've got a Fetter on the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you. It's all lies, kid, but you're lucky. You're about to hear the truth.
Up Yours, Charon!
Renegades takes a cold, hard look at the outsiders of the world of Wraith: The Oblivion. With fiction from noted authors Tom Deitz and Bram Stoker Award winner P.D. Cacek, Renegades is a complete look at what the afterlife is like on the wrong side of the Code of Charon. Being a Renegade ain't pretty — but damn, it's fun.

Ghost Story: CATEdit

A legendary Renegade leads his female followers to avenge their deaths.

Ghost Story: VikingEdit

A would-be Viking seeks to find a true Valhalla.


A chronicle of a Renegade protest gone wrong, and the standard information on the book's purpose and supplemental reading to get a feel for its purpose.

Chapter One: A History of RevolutionEdit

A chaotically told history of the Renegades in the Dark Kingdom of Iron, almost derailed by comments from the peanut gallery.

Chapter Two: Under the Gun: The Structure of the RenegadesEdit

A chapter detailing the many diverse reasons wraiths become Renegades, and a vain attempt to categorize them.

Chapter Three: Bridges and Barricades: Renegade RelationsEdit

Renegade opinions on the established organizations of Stygia: the Legion, the Heretics, the Guilds, the Ferrymen, and many others.

Chapter Four: Making the RevolutionEdit

The standard ways that Renegades operate are detailed here, as well as some of the not-so-standard ways. A few new goodies, such as Renegade-specific Arcanoi and other bits and pieces are thrown in for good measure.

Chapter Five: The Soul of a RenegadeEdit

Advice for creating conventional and unconventional Renegade characters and gangs.

Chapter Six: Children of the RevolutionEdit

Character templates for Renegades.

Appendix: Leading the ChargeEdit

Famous Renegades, what they stand for, and who they hate.

Background InformationEdit


Memorable QuotesEdit

"Man, you got no respect. Charon was the Shadow of Godzilla."




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